MARVUE Digital Camcorder Review

This is a review of MARVUE Digital Camcorder. This lightweight digital camcorder is a nice size to be carried around and take photos and videos whenever you feel like. The MARVUE digital camcorder has a 12x telescope lens with a 2x teleconverter lens to have optical zooming, but these needs to be bought separately and are not included with the camcorder. The image resolution ranges from VGA to 24M.

The digital camcorder is good enough to have good quality photos and videos even on the low light setting. The camcorder has a LED light as well to help illuminate the desired direction in low lights. There is a screen off setting option in recording which comes with three modes for DISP function with a screen on, screen off and hide screen display. Three cables are included with the package, USB, HDMI and AV.

Now I will talk about some of the other features of The MARVUE digital camcorder.

MARVUE Digital Camcorder Review

MARVUE Digital Camcorder Review

Video and Image Performance

The MARVUE digital camcorder can take pictures as well as record videos. The quality of the videos and photos are bright and clear. The camcorder has a 3 inches LCD panel and a touch screen which makes operating on the camera easy and convenient. But the touch screen is not as responsive as I would like it to be, and a bit of pressure is needed when putting a command in there.

The screen, additionally, can be rotated or flipped at 270 degrees angle so you can use this camera in different settings.  You can add in external lenses such as UV, Fisheye, Teleconverter, Telescope, Wide Angle Macro etc. to enhance your overall video and picture quality as the focal point is fixed at 3.8 mm. These lenses can be purchased separately. To take wide shots of you easily the camera is compatible with tripods.

The photos and videos can be taken in various effects such as sepia, black and white or in standard color. The camera comes with a 16x zooming option, which works fluidly as you video, making sure your videos look professional. This in turn increases the visibility of your videos, making them more desired by your audience.

Audio Playback

Here, the audio playback on the MARVUE digital camcorder is pretty low. Audio can be adjusted during the playback during TV though, with the help of the included remote controller. The audio works fine while used on the HDMI port on the camcorder to a monitor or TV screen. I guess the reason for low audio playback on the camera is to lower the noise.

Easy To Use

The screen layout and menu is easy to read and use. Anybody can use the menu, even the first timers. If you are a beginner looking for a camera to start capturing your daily life activities, this camera can give you a head start. This camcorder can be a great investment to make videos of home and travel videos.


The MARVUE digital camcorder is light and compact, thus it can be easily carried around which is tougher for a bulky DSLR. The camera comes with a hand strap on the side which can be adjusted. This strap makes it easy to make the camera sit comfortably in one hand. This also helps in handling the camera easily.

Perfect for Kids

If you are looking for starting a creative mind inside a kid you know, the MARVUE digital camcorder can be a good choice. Both the touch screen and easy to follow menu settings are good enough to get the kids started with their adventure, without being too fussy about specifications and details.

Easily Transferrable

The photos and videos can be easily transferred to your PC with the help of the provided USB cable with the MARVUE digital camcorder. Moreover, the HDMI port can be used for a live view of your everyday adventures when hooked on to your TV. A remote controller is included with the package as well to maneuver the video on your TV screen easily.

Works with SD Card

The SD card needs to be purchased separately. The SD card can be SD/SDHC and full sized. The manufacturer suggests using a minimum of class 6, but class 10 works okay for me as well. You can take out the SD card and plug it directly into the PC to play your videos and photos directly from the SD card or to save it on your PC. Other actions such as playback and file transfer can be done without any special drivers. Make sure to format the SD card before you insert it on the camcorder for the first time though. If you don’t format it, the camera will say your photos and videos are being saved on the SD card, but actually they will not until the SD card has been formatted to the MARVUE digital camcorder.

Now it is time for some pros and cons.


  • Easily portable.
  • Camera can be flipped in 270 degrees angle.
  • External lenses can be added.
  • Can be used on low lights.


  • Touch screen doesn’t resister swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I take a photo while recording with the camera?

A: No, that is not possible.

Q: Does this camera have an external MIC output?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Does this come with a lens cap?

A: Yes it does.

Final Verdict

The MARVUE digital camcorder is a good started camera anyone looking for to vlog about their daily lives. The flappable screen with tripod compatibility makes the camera perfect specifically for shooting videos with style and ease. The low light feature comes in handy while filming indoors. The audio playback is low to lower the noise, and thankfully can be adjusted when transferred to other devices so that should not be a worry. I will recommend this digital camcorder to aspiring beginner vloggers and even to kids who want to make mini movies about their lives. I think this is a fun and exceptional addition to any creative person out there.



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