How to Be a Vlogger

Ready to know how to be a vlogger? We all watch vlogs daily, and almost obsessively. It always piques our interest to tour and

We all watch vlogs daily, and almost obsessively. It always piques our interest to tour and get a look into about one’s personal life, their fitness routines, and their beauty regime, travel experiences etc. And on the other side of the picture, I think it could be very rewarding to a vlogger as well, knowing that people actually look forward to their videos and experiences. Embarrassing but true: we have all pretended to host vlogs in front of the mirror at some point in our lives. People often ask me, “how to be a vlogger? Are there any protocols to this?” Well, in this article, I will teach you all that you need to know in order to become a successful vlogger.

how to be a vlogger

What exactly is a Vlog

In order to know how to be a vlogger, you need to know what a vlog really is. People often confuse vlogs with blogs. While they are not too different from each other, there is one very important thing that separates them. A blog is basically an experience, rant or whatever it is, shared through being written (technically typed, but you get the point). Whereas as, a vlog is the same thing, but it is recorded instead of being written about. Basically:

Blog + video = vlog!

Get started!

Pick your specialty

To get started on your vlogs, you must first decide what to focus them on. It could be anything you like, for instance, any hobbies like painting, knitting, sewing etc. You could also focus it on a talent of yours, like playing the guitar, refined culinary, make-up, fitness etc. It is always a good idea to around to making vlogs on one particular subject instead of going all over the place and doing all sorts of things; it keeps the viewers concentrated. However, you can also choose to do lifestyle vlogs which include giving your viewers access to your personal life: your daily routines, personal relationships, health and work. The possibilities are endless, true, but for a rookie and newbie vlogger, I would recommend sticking to one subject of interest.

Watch Vlogs

After you have chosen a subject for your vlogs, say DIY (do it yourself) hairstyling and hair care, you should begin by watching related videos to it. And watch quite a few in a row, I say binge watch if necessary! This will help you pick up ideas, interests and inspirations from it. Apart from this, you also get to learn a thing or two as well. You may take notes of the vlogger’s tone of speech, the type of background best for different hair colours, the lighting, and viewers’ interests and so on. You can start watching from YouTube, the most popular vlogging platform in the world. Here are a couple of my favorite hair DIY vloggers:


Now, if you are done watching, you will notice almost all successful vloggers have one thing in common: a great quality camera! Nobody wants to watch videos with poor visual quality and is one of the reasons why many great vloggers fail to attract viewers despite doing interesting videos. And, remember, any old camera won’t cut it; you need a vlogging camera. Fortunately, the market is teeming with vlogging cameras now, thanks to the increasing number of vloggers. Before you get a vlogging camera make sure of these few things

  • Great quality video recording under various lightings
  • Durable
  • Portability
  • Resistant to water, dust or humidity; just in case you want to vlog outdoors: beach, forest, etc
  • Has a high-quality audio system to make your voice stand out
  • Can be rested on a tripod


Test Videos

Settle in with your camera, adjust the contrast levels, zoom etc. next, pick a location with great lighting for recording and start recording a few introductory videos. Always include a friendly introduction and the focus of your vlogs. Make a few of these videos and upload the best of them on your channel. What will this do? Well apart from marking your first step into the vlogging world, congratulations, it will serve the purpose of testing the audience. Through the initial uploads, you will get a very clear idea about your views, viewer, viewer interests and request, complaints and so much more. Use this as a ladder for constructive learning and growing. Pay attention to what your viewer want and comment. Is the lighting too dark? Are you talking too fast? Note them down, and correct them.

Learn To Edit Videos

Editing is a great way to zest up a monotonous and long video. Adding subtitles and some soothing background music is an effective way to keep your viewers interested and engaged. Editing is not rocket science, but you may need some guidance to master it. Watch a few video editing classes on YouTube. You can also always ask for help from an experienced friend to show you around some of the user-friendly video editing software.

Keep Up to Date With the Latest Trends

Viewers are trend-hungry, always. They always want to know what’s up, what’ the next big thing, cheaper alternatives, safety and so on. So keeping your eyes and ears wide open is a must! Always keep a tab on for the most requested videos, for instance, a vlog on how to cut layers. Try your hand on the more difficult and never-before-done hairstyles, celebrity hairdos, cosplay hairdos etc.

Communication is Key

Cliché, but fact! Always communicate with your viewers. Try to respond to as many comments as possible. You viewers should know that you care, and you are not just in it for the views. Make a list of what they want to see from you next, and help them out as much as possible. Relating and engaging with your viewers will establish a sense of loyalty and trust. So, don’t fall back on this one!


  • Make sure the focus on your camera is always on point
  • Use a catchy name for your channel
  • Background music should be in sync with the vlog. Refrain from playing Metallica on a spa therapy vlog. The music should attract, not repel!
  • This is the internet, and some people can be very blunt and rude. Never get put off by this. Shake it off and get on with the next vlog
  • Just have fun!

This concludes our class on how to be a vlogger. I hope this article has helped you learn and understand some of the aspects of the vlogging world. With a little effort and will, soon enough, you may become the next top vlogger. Soon, the next time someone asks you how to be a vlogger, you know where to send them. Happy vlogging!

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