Best Vlogging Camera Reviews 2017

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Before jumping into the wild and vast array of the world of vlooging cameras where the options are seemingly unlimited and overwhelming, let us consider the term Vlogging first. What is Vlogging? In short, Vlogging stands for video blogging. Video blogging means recording of a video which will deliver information to the viewers in a way an article or blog post will deliver the information to the reader.

The term Vlogging was first used back in the year 2002 but it had not seen any significant growth until YouTube was launched back in 2005 to change the game. Today, Vlogging has become a major source of entertainment and information gathering tool and many people has made their entire living out of only Vlogging, emerging as YouTube celebrities. The main idea of such YouTube celebrities is sharing glimpses of their lives with their fan base through their vlogs.

Now you want to jump into the wild arena and make a career for yourself out of it. Even if you don’t want to make it your career, Vlogging can be a great option to keep tag of your daily lifestyle to reminisce on as years pass. Vlogging your special days such as birthdays and anniversaries, or the first time your baby started walking, can help you relive those unforgettable memories in the distant future.

But how do you start your look out can be a bit overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. The best vlogging camera should be able to fulfill all your creative needs, while being considerate to your pocket if you are on a budget and are just looking for a way to make your days better, rather than opting for a career.

Note: If you have no clue what vlogging is, consider reading this guide.

best vlogging camera

How to Choose the Best Vlogging Camera

To start off, let’s focus on the things which you don’t need in your vlogging camera. Cutting off the redundant options will help you to focus on the things which are needed to make your videos pop and stand out from the rest.

Things You Don’t Need


You don’t need those zooming lenses of fancy DSLRs as you are going to be talking on the camera right at your face anyway. Those zoom lenses are better equipped for professional photographers and you can do without one. Not to mention this will save you a bunch of money as zoom lenses do not come cheap. The only time you might need the zoom lens is when you make travel vlogs but even then it is not absolutely necessary. If anything, zoom lenses make you carrying your camera around difficult as zoom lenses tend to be pretty bulky. The best vlogging camera do not need any external zoom lens.


Like zoom, you don’t need this feature either. You are not going to be taking photos with your camera and flashing is unnecessary for making quality videos. You can’t use the built in flash feature of the vlogging camera as it is considered to be a sin. If you want or need to use external lights on your videos, you can get an external lighting kit. The flash of your camera is only good for showing your family your trip photos.

Mega Pixels

Lastly, you don’t need mega pixels in your vlogging camera. It doesn’t matter in recording videos. Mega pixels are only relevant in photography as it is only good if you want to print pictures in big sizes. Mega pixels are mostly exclusive to printing.

Getting a camera with small zoom and no flash and no emphasis on mega pixels mean you will get more value for your money because manufacturers invest in getting high quality images. You can get your money’s worth from a best vlogging camera with a tighter budget if you want to; compared to if you were looking for a camera for professional photography. Grasp the idea that vlogging cameras are different.

Things You Do Need

There are some specific things which you do need and should specially look for while planning to buy the best vlogging camera.

Low Light Performance

This is single handedly the most important factor you should consider while looking for a best vlogging camera. Sometimes you do not have any hand on controlling the lights of your surroundings and it is especially true for making vlogs while most of the time you will be shooting in the outdoors. This means your vlog camera should have the ability to shoot perfectly even on low lights if needs arise. Low light performance is important in the indoors as well, not only in the night time. You should consider low lighting even on foggy days.

If your camera is not good for performing in low light, your frames per second of your videos will be reduced and it will show image noises.

Lens Aperture

Good quality lens will have a wide aperture which allows the lens to capture more light. The wide aperture also helps you to achieve the blurred background effect, providing you with nice aesthetics that many people sought after and if you are planning to go professional with your vlogging, you should keep this in mind as well. High quality lenses have a lens aperture of at least f/1.8.


ISO is the amount of noise the image will show as the ISO gets higher. The only way to find this out is to testing the camera at a higher ISO as can’t see this in the camera’s specifications. ISO number will be lifted up until the image is clear enough, which means the lower the light the higher the ISO. This consequently means that the higher the ISO number the more likely it is that the camera will show noise.

This difference can be seen a lot more in case of videos as the grains look like they are moving. This is why low light performance is the most important thing you should worry about while looking for the best vlogging camera.

Sensor Size

The bigger the sensor size of the camera, the more light it captures. The kind of camera often determines the sensor size. Some cameras often have bigger sensors than the others of its same kind. This is why you should always compare with the competitors and check the sizes before making a decision.

Optical Image Stabilization

This is another very important aspect to consider while buying the best vlogging camera. This feature helps in making your videos appear less blurry and more stable. This allows you to record your surroundings without making everything look like a blur passing you by when you move around. A camera without any Optical Image Stabilization will make a shaky image no matter how stable you try to hold the camera in. This type of video is a sore to the eyes and nobody will consider spending a minute with such recordings. If you want to consider your chances to make it as a professional, you should absolutely make the Optical Image Stabilization a priority in looking for your best vlogging camera.

But beware of the so called ‘Digital’ image stabilization though. This is a marketing gimmick to attract and fool customers. This does not stabilize the images at all. You need to look for either Optical Image Stabilization or the 5 axis image stabilization.

There are some other aspects which should be present in the best vlogging camera. Know that they are not absolutely necessary for starting your vlogs, but an addition of these will surely enhance the overall feel and performance of your vlogs.

Microphone Input

A microphone input can be a huge plus to make your voice clear and make you sound professional. Sadly, this is only a premium feature, meaning you will have to spend some extra money to have this feature in your best vlogging camera as most compact cameras do not come with this feature built in the camera.

The other way to make your videos sound better is to add an external recorder or a USB microphone.

Flip Screen

Having a flip screen is obviously a plus as you are often talking to the camera as you vlog. Having the option to frame your face correctly along with the accompanying background comes in handy when it comes to recording yourself in the best vlogging camera. A flip screen will help you capture your surroundings better.


Having built in Wi-Fi in your vlogging camera is more of a convenient thing other than anything else. Having built in Wi-Fi means you get to connect your smartphone or tablet with your vlog camera. It also helps in uploading videos directly to YouTube or other social networking sites without the need for a USB or any other cables.

Where the Microphone Is Built

The place where you microphone of your vlog camera is located can be an important factor as well. The best place for a microphone is a front facing camera MIC. When you turn around the camera to record yourself with, the MIC will catch your voice above anything else.

Vlog cameras with MICs on the sides can be annoying as it is difficult to hold the camera without constantly blocking out the MIC. You will need to hold your vlog camera in a way which does not cover your microphones and might become uncomfortable very soon.

To locate where your vlog camera’s microphones are located, just find out where the one or two small holes are on the surface of the vlog camera.


A tripod will come in extremely handy when you want to film yourself experiencing something and want to share it with your viewers. A tripod also keeps the camera steady so that you can decrease the movement or shaking of videos which can ruin the quality of your videos to a great extent. You can always use other objects in place of your tripod, of course, but it is recommended to use a tripod as it is easy to set up the camera on a tripod in outside places.

HD Recording Ability

You should try to get a vlog camera which will let you shoot at 1080p in HD to have nice, crisp and clear recording qualities. If you can’t afford one, you can also go for one that shoots at 720p. Consider the purchase of a best vlogging camera as an investment towards your better future because if you are planning to make it big, it is necessary that you put emphasis on the quality of your videos.


Even though cameras don’t weight a lot, they do add up if you have to hold it with an extended arm for a long time. Consider the weight of your best vlogging camera before you commit yourself to one. Your camera should be light enough to be carried around all day long.

As I have mentioned earlier, not all of these aspects are must haves for vlogging, but having these will surely have a positive impact on the overall experience as well as the enhance the overall improvement level of your vlogs. The best vlogging camera will have all of these added features to turn the videos even better.

How to Choose the Best Vlogging Camera

For getting the best vlogging camera which will be of use to you, you should consider asking yourself some important questions to get to know about your own needs. Answering these questions will help you clearing your mindset and also help you in narrowing the list down for a vlog camera.

How Much Money Can I Spend?

First and foremost, set up a fixed number and be sure to stick to it. If you go to the market without choosing a number, you risk getting ahead of yourself by getting distracted by the shiny cameras and smiley salesmen so be aware of this fact. Fixing an amount not only keeps you within your budget but it also helps you to narrow down your options.

But my suggestion would be to consider buying one for at least $200. Sure you can get good quality vlog cameras even at lower than $200 but you should consider the added aspects of a best vlogging camera as I have mentioned earlier in the article. Consider to get a good one which has a better audio recording ability and low light capture system etc. because you are not going to buy your vlog cameras every few days or months. A vlog camera is an investment and you should consider everything as a whole before going to buy the one which suits your needs the most.

What Kind of Content Am I Going to Create?

Depending on your aspired type of videos, vlogging cameras will differ. For example, if you want to create action videos, you should go for Go Pro as they are the best ones for capturing the actions in style. Remember, if you want to go underwater with your camera, consider getting one which is water proof and water resistant and capable of working in low lighting. Also, if you want to record your cooking tutorials, then a DSLR will do. If you want to make makeup videos, chances are you are not going to use a point and shoot camera to do so.

Also, you should have an approximate idea about the length of your content. If you want to make longer videos, you should get extra batteries to last you for longer hours.

Where Will I Record My Videos?

Having a clear idea about your surroundings is necessary when it comes to buying the best vlogging camera. If you know you are going to go far away from home, you should know that taking that bulky DSLR with a ton of heavy equipment is not a suitable option. Even though your videos will turn out to be of top quality, it is not worth the effort and chances are by the end of it, you will lose interest to make more content due to the difficulties you face while at it. Same goes for making travel vlogs. Taking a DSLR camera with you on a trip you hope to enjoy seems like a contradictory concept.

Compact cameras are the best bet when it comes to taking your vlog cameras to the trip but unfortunately the quality is nowhere near as good as that of a DSLR’s. You can consider getting a mirrorless one in that case.

What Kind of Camera Do I want?

Ultimately, it is your choice. If you think you can handle a bulky DSLR in your day to day vlogs, by all means, go for it. If you think you are all right with it as long as you can make great content, there is no one stopping you.

Most vloggers use the compact point and shoot cameras as they are mostly lightweight and easy to carry around with a bunch of features thrown in such as built in Wi-Fi mode. But some people do not like the feel of compact cameras as they don’t have the best holding grips while holding them for longer periods of time.

On the other hand, some people don’t like camcorders because they want to take good quality photos along with their videos. What I am trying to say here is that you should learn the individual advantages and disadvantages of each kind of cameras to know which one you want as you are the only one who knows what will work the best for you.

Cheap Vlogging Cameras

So you want to start your vlogging channel on YouTube, perhaps for fun or some other reason but you don’t have the money to get a decent one. That factor should not stop you from starting to vlog by any means. You can choose cheap alternatives to start vlogging right away in place of a best vlogging camera while you save your money to get you one.

Smartphone Camera

Smartphones these days are tremendously cheap and almost all of them come with some sort of capacitive cameras with sensors of varying levels. If you own a model from the higher range such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or iPhone 6, your video quality undoubtedly is going to be amazing. But you can record your videos with a cheap smartphone as well. Sure the quality will not be the very best but you can still work with your creativity and speaking skills to improve the quality of your content.

Smartphones do not have video recording features though so know that you will be lacking lighting settings. You will most likely have to deal with no image stabilization as well. If you don’t own any special sort of device to adhere your phone to, you will have to hold your phone with your hand during the entire recording of your video, which can be a bit of a challenging task for most first timers.

Computer’s Camera

This is actually a less favorable option than a smartphone camera as most built in computer cameras produce noise even when the lighting condition is good. The frames per second (FPS) rates are low as well. The video quality is also going to be sluggish. So chances are your videos will be of poor quality but if you really want to make content, you should try and do it anyway.

Now I will review some of the cameras available in the market which I believe are good as vlogging cameras.

Best Vlogging Camera Reviews

Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera Reviewsony-dscw800b-20-1-mp-digital-camerasony-dscw800b-20-1-mp-digital-camera

The camera can be a great vlogging option thanks to its lightweight and slim design. Taking it with you everywhere you go is much easier than lugging a DSLR everywhere. Granted, the DSLR has better performance in terms of quality but the features of this camera are not short sighted either. The camera comes equipped with a plethora of advanced technologies such as SteadyShot Image Stabilization, Smile Recognition feature, Panorama mode etc. to make your life easier and your shots and videos better.

The StaedyShot Image Stabilization technology, in my opinion, can be a life saver for a vlogger as walking while taking the shots can get blurry and messy with most cameras. Thanks to this one, you get to improve the overall aesthetic and visibility value of your movies. The picture effects are also useful in making your shots beautiful and adding more depth to them. The included USB cable is good to charge your battery whenever you need to and is easy and quick.


  • USB battery charger.
  • Added picture effects.
  • Reduced blurring.
  • Performs even with backlight and during twilight.


  • Poorly designed zoom buttons.
  • Makes sound while focusing.

MARVUE 318 Full HD Digital Camcorder Reviewmarvue-318-full-hd-digital-camcorder

This is a lightweight digital camcorder to be carried around and take photos and selfies whenever and wherever you feel like. The flip up LCD screen can be flipped up to 270 degrees, so you can easily use this as your vlogging camera as well. This digital camcorder has a 12x telescope lens and a 2x teleconverter lens can be bought separately to enhance your performance in capturing the best shots and video clips. The image resolution of this digital camcorder ranges from VGA up to 24M.

You can make videos even in the low light setting with this camera so making videos indoor is not a problem with this one. The camera has a LED light as well to let you light up the objects in low light settings. The camera comes with three cables, USB, HDMI and AV and thus can be used to transfer your photos and videos to any device or view them on the TV screen.

Moreover, you can take photos and videos in various modes such as black and white, sepia, standard etc. to increase the aesthetics of your photos and videos.


  • LED light helps illuminate in low light settings.
  • External lenses can be purchased to enhance video quality.


  • Focal point is there at 3.8 mm.

Nikon Coolpix S7000 Digital Camera Reviewnikon-coolpix-s7000-digital-camera

This is a dynamic and versatile camera considering this is a point and shoot camera. The features are many and can be used to increase the overall vlogging experience to a new level. The camera has a 20x optical zoom and with the 40x Dynamic Fine zoom, the desired object can be focused by double.

There are 18 scene modes to match easily with your current situation such as sunlight, beach, night mode etc. if you don’t want to use that to match on your own, you can start the easy mode to let the camera choose the most suitable option based on your surroundings. This feature overall helps in getting a better aesthetic for your snaps and clips.

The digital camera comes with Target Finding AF which ensures that you get intelligent and accurate autofocus always. The videos can be recorded at full 1080p HD or 60i with stereo sound. There is built – in Wi-Fi technology in the camera to help you share your photos and videos instantly with your friends and family.


  • 18 scene modes are good at getting the mood right.
  • Built – in Wi-Fi to share photos instantly.


  • Shutter and flash buttons placed on the same side.

PowerLead Puto PLD003 Mini DV C8 Reviewpowerlead-puto-pld003-mini-dv-c8

This camcorder can be of perfect use to anyone looking for a reasonably priced option with enough features to make interesting videos and take exciting photos. The camera is sleek and slim and you can carry it anywhere for regular vlogs.

The camera takes videos in 720p mode with 1.3 mega pixels. The LCD screen is 2.7 inches which is very handy while making daily vlogs in my opinion. The external memory can be added with the maximum of 32 GB capacity with a card slot. This card can be used to transfer your photos and videos to your devices or to view on the TV.

The multi functional camera supports various recording formats ranging from VGA to QVG. The camera keeps your videos stable with the self timer mode ranging from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, even though it warps the video edges like many others found in the same price range. The camera is backed by a reliable 12 months warranty from PowerLead.


  • Light enough to be carried around.
  • Standard mounting system.
  • LED white light at the front to illuminate in low light settings.


  • Anti – shake feature makes the video edges warped.

Samsung NX Mini 20.5MP Camera Reviewsamsung-nx-mini-20-5mp-camera

The LCD screen of this camera is 3 inches so it is perfect for vlogging as well as taking selfies. The camera is easily portable with its slim 22.5 mm design and 158 g light weight. The camera has many advanced technologies equipped inside to make this camera truly versatile and make your vlogging experience a unique one.

There is a built – in Wi-Fi system to share your photos instantly and easily with your family and friends. The SMART features include many unique features such as PC auto backup, Social media upload, AllShare, DirectLink, MobileLink, Email, Photo Beam, Baby monitoring etc. and other apps to make your camera even more useable. The videos can be recorded in 1080p HD quality. The 20.5 MP along with the BSI CMOS sensor captures high-quality pictures with crystal clear resolution.

You can even edit your photos on the camera with a special app, however, it is only available for a trial period of 30 days. You can still edit your works by transferring them onto your devices with external photo and video editing apps.


  • The camera functions well in low lights.
  • You can easily add extra lenses if required.


  • Lens has no caps.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera Reviewcanon-powershot-g7-x-digital-camera

This camera takes power shots, as befitting to its name. It is a premium high performing camera which brings you the maximum features with unique capabilities in a compact design. This camera has a multi angle capacitive 3 inches LCD with touch panel to take selfies easily. The sensor works with Canon’s powerful DIGIC 6 image processor. The sensor itself is the highly sensitive CMOS sensor. The camera is 20.2 MP.

The camera captures stunningly amazing 1080p or 60p full HD videos with up to 60 frames per second (FPS). Even shooting in the RAW mode is possible with this highly equipped digital camera. The camera has a 9-blade circular aperture diaphragm for artistic background blur, and a minimum focus range of just 5cm for precise macro shooting. The WIFI and NFC are there to help you.

The Canon has HS system to let you take bright and clear photos even if the light does not cooperate. You can easily take low light shots with minimal noise in both shadowed and highlighted areas.


  • Long zoom and large touch screen.
  • Built – in Wi-Fi.
  • Built – in ND filter.


  • Sometimes misses focus without any particular reason.

Sony DSC-RX100/B 20.2 MP Exmor CMOS Sensor Digital Camera Reviewsony-dsc-rx100b-20-2-mp-exmor-cmos

aThis camera has wide range ISO ranging from 125 to 6400 to shoot in any light with natural results. The ISO mode is in auto to determine the most appropriate setting automatically or expand the sensitivity manually for enabling the user with greater control. The camera also makes remarkably low noise thanks to the bright lens, precision image processing and extra large sensor working together.

The camera saves the picture is high quality RAW files or JPEG format or both. Images are saves prior to de – mosaicing while shooting in the RAW format. For vlogging purposes, you can capture in full 1080p/69p HD format at a high frame rate of 60 fps. You can record fast moving objects in low light settings with extreme clarity.


  • You can charge with USB so you can charge while on the go.
  • The face detection is pure and sharp.


  • Modal dial is a little tight.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV 20.1 MP Digital Still Camera Reviewsony-cyber-shot-dsc-rx100-iv-20-1-mp

This camera comes with the world’s first 1 inch stacked CMOS sensor with a shutter speed up to 1/32000 and a DRAM chip. This processing speed allows for stunning photos of 20.1 MP at up to 16 frames per second continuous shooting. You can also make 4k movies and high frame rate slow motion recordings as well. This camera can be a game changer as it is capable of turning even the most mundane shots into true masterpieces. The camera also has remarkable low light and low noise capabilities.

You can take photos before the moment passes you by with the Fast Intelligent AF. It enables high speed with high precision contrast detection autofocus correctly every time.

You can easily connect to a compatible smartphone or tablet thanks to the built – in Wi-Fi and control your camera from there to transfer photos. The NFC provides you with the one touch connection convenience, making your life easier.

You can add new features to your camera with the PlayMemories camera apps. You can find apps which fit your shooting style the best and use those apps to shoot, save and share your photos to your smartphone with Wi-Fi.


  • Compact size with enormous capabilities.
  • Optical viewfinder.


  • We couldn’t really find a con about this unit!

Canon PowerShot SX610 HS Reviewcanon-powershot-sx610-hs

This camera is very slim and stylish and also equipped with many powerful capabilities. The 18x optical zoom is enough to give you versatility. The intelligent IS ensures that you get shake free photos at any zoom length. Auto zoom helps you to focus easily and frame your subject more precisely.

Do you like built in wifi and NFC? To transfer your photos to your devices and share them easily and quickly with your family and friends?

You can share directly with social networking sites as well thanks to these features. Also, you can even shoot remotely with the help of your tablet or smartphone.

On top of these, you can use this camera even on the low lights. The photos are super sharp all thanks to the 20.2 Mega Pixel high sensitivity CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 4+ image processor feature which created the patented Canon HS system together. If you want to record your life through daily vlogs, this camera can become your perfect partner.


  • The zoom lens works fast.
  • Low light pictures turn out well.
  • High speed burst.


  • Manual flash can be tricky.
  • The focus may not work perfectly all the time

Samsung Electronics EC-DV180FBPBUS Dual-View Wireless Smart Camera Reviewsamsung-electronics-ec-dv180fbpbus-dual-view-wireless-smart-camera

This camera has dual view LCD screens to take group shots and selfies easily. The point and shoot camera features a high resolution 16.2 Mega Pixel CCD sensor. The company made sure that they don’t compromise with sharp quality.

This compact digital camera can freeze time around a moving object, capture panoramic shots in full 180 degrees circle and add filters and backgrounds as per your wish. I like these features a lot as they help make my videos and photos look unique and different compared to others. It also helps me in expressing my creativity through my captures and recordings.

The digital camera has a built in Wi-Fi to send and share photos and videos to family and friends or to upload them on selected social networking sites. Also, you can easily connect to anything you want, no matter what device it is with this camera.


  • Dual view helps in taking group shots and self portraits.
  • There are a few scene modes.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • SMART app.


  • Slow while taking continuous shots.

Final Words

Buying a best vlogging camera will on a large scale depend on the individual’s needs. Depended on the features and added benefits of the vlog cameras the prices will differ as well. Cameras sitting on the higher range obviously come with many features but if you can’t afford the one with the top most features and benefits, you can get one within your budget. If you are creative and skillful enough, chances are your videos will generate enough attraction in no time.